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Managing customers across all your projects is a complex job.

Keeping track of your building projects and different units in spreadsheets is messy and error-prone. It’s easy to make a mistake or lose overview when you’re managing your new homebuyers in Excel and via email.

How likely are you to recommend your property developer to friends and family?

- Survey among 400+ new home buyers, 2017

New homebuyers expect more from you.

Let’s face it. We live in a world of companies offering great customer service and experiences. Your clients are used to receiving regular updates about every purchase they make. They expect the same level of service and feedback when they make the biggest purchase of their life: a home.

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Ziggu Engage

The world's first customer follow-up platform
for property developers

Engage customers

Offer the level of service your customers are used to in other sectors

Work smarter

Automate repetitive tasks and actually save time on customer follow-up

Build your brand

Turn homebuyers into strong ambassadors of your brand

Customer Portal

Offer new homebuyers a single access point for everything related to their purchase. Completely in your own branding.

Documents & Information

Upload documents once and easily share them with one or more clients at the same time. Keep track of what you shared with whom.


Forget confusing and never-ending email threads. Keep track of all your clients’ messages and automatically link them to a project and unit.

News & Updates

Sharing news updates has never been easier. Keep your customers informed and save time on regular updates. Smart notifications make sure everyone stays engaged.

Wow Experience

Take your customer service level to new heights. Deliver ‘wow moments’ by engaging your customers 24/7. Let them feel inspired and informed throughout the complete journey.

Create Brand Ambassadors

An informed customer is a happy customer. Our survey among 400+ new homebuyers* clearly proved their biggest concern: a lack of transparency and access to information. With their personal portal, your customers will not only have that access, they will even be able to show and share it with their peers, family and friends!


increase in customer satisfaction*
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increase in customer satisfaction*

Smart Automation

Behind the scenes, your customer portal is a powerful management tool.
Ziggu Engage lets you organise your projects and customers in a way that fits your development project.

Project Database

Every feature is tailored for real estate. You can manage your project in a way that fits your project structure: different phases, lots, buildings and units. This makes it easy to track status changes over time and keep the right people informed.

Document Management

Ziggu Engage creates a folder structure that matches your project. Organise your folders and documents on different levels and efficiently share them with customers. You will finally keep track of what you’re sharing and with whom.

Activity Overview

Keep track of the activity of your team and customers. From project level to an individual customer, you will have an overview of their complete journey. All communication, documents and decisions are logged in a chronological order.

Easy Sharing

Engage your homebuyers during the building process. Share news updates with all your customers at once or target specific groups. Our built-in filters let you select all your customers for one project, one building or one unit with ease.

Decision Management

Replace those bulky excel sheets. Ziggu helps you to turn the decision process of each homebuyer into a well-oiled machine.

Automatic Reminders

Make sure that all decisions are made in time. Set automatic reminders for customers and suppliers.

Always Up To Date

At any point you’ll have an overview of the status of each unit. Enable notifications and receive the latest updates.

Electronic Signatures

Your customers can approve and sign proposals electronically within Ziggu.

Increased Efficiency

Many customers have the same questions that need answers; With every sale, the same documents need to be shared; Every homebuyer has to make a decision regarding their kitchen, bathroom, floor,…

Upload documents and information only once to share it with one or more customers. This will increase your efficiency substantially and leave you with time to focus on what is important!

* Survey among users, 2018


increase in efficiency*
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increase in efficiency*

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