Customer service is key in a successful project

The more efficient you communicate, the easier the realisation of the project goes.

Damien Janssens de Bisthoven
Project Manager, BESIX RED

& Jean-François Despret
Homebuyer, Project Oxygen

Involvement equals efficiency

Damien: A good customer-service is one of the key elements of a successful project.

We have learned by using Ziggu that the more efficient you communicate, the easier the realisation of the project is and, at the end, the higher the client-satisfaction is.

Ziggu is helping us strengthen our relationship with our clients and offering us a very “user-friendly” tool to facilitate communication : we can easily post pictures of the construction site and share them on the portal to keep our clients updated.

But more important, the digital platform gathers all questions, comments, documents of our clients at the same place. That way, we are saving a lot of time managing these questions via Ziggu compared to before when using  our individual email inboxes.

Damien Janssens de Bisthoven – Project Manager

“By involving and engaging our customers more, we positively impact their level of satisfaction. In return, those customers are reacting faster and making decisions more proactively.”

Damien: When we offer our clients a more practical and accessible way to follow up on the progress of the construction (via photos, comments, …), we increase their sense of involvement and engagement which positively impacts their level of satisfaction.

In return, those clients are reacting faster and making decisions more proactively.

This positive first experience we had in Oxygen convinced us to implement Ziggu in all our other projects as well.

Project Oxygen – Auderghem (Brussels)

A homebuyer’s feedback

Jean-François: We had a very positive feeling when BESIX RED invited us to their Ziggu Customer Portal! When you buy an apartment that only exists on plan, you need to have solid confidence in your property developer. That confidence is largely based on the relationship you build with the team and the company.

A good customer portal is, of course, an efficient and practical means to facilitate that relationship.

Jean-François Despret
Customer of BESIX RED in project Oxygen

Jean-François: The Ziggu Customer Portal surely has had a positive effect. We bought our home in February of 2017 and we will probably move in January 2020. As you can imagine, it is a very long wait for us.

I love the level of engagement the portal brings and the emotional connection it allows with your future home, anytime I see pictures or updates on the platform.

Besides, the tool was really developed to facilitate the whole process with BESIX RED when you buy an apartment: plans, work descriptions, legal documents (purchase deed, sales agreement, …) are readily available at one place. Even the signed purchase orders for the kitchen, bathroom floors are all there. Without forgetting to mention the conversation feature; a wonderful way to get in touch with the team as well.

Project Oxygen – Auderghem (Brussels)

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